In the Kenya School of Law Library, We offer the following Services

i.    Photocopying services are available at Kshs 2/- per page.
ii.    Books may be photocopied to a limited extent while observing the Copyright Law
iii.    Advance booking is required for items with 10 pages and above, using the form available at the front desk.

i.    Printing is available at Kshs 5/- per page

Scanning is available at a cost of sh. 25 per page for students and sh. 40 for non-students

Binding services (Spiral binding) are available at 50/- for up to 50 sheets and 100/- for between 50 sheets and 100 sheets.

The Library has an online reference service that allows clients to submit reference questions to the Librarians, who provide personalized assistance to library users in accessing suitable information resources to meet their needs.

As part of reference, please note that we have past papers for ATP, Paralegal and Pre-Bar.

For general references or queries –

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