Rules and Regulations

1.    ACCESS
a.    All library users must be current registered students of the School.
b.    Access to the library is subject to production of a valid student card at all times.
c.    Access to the library is restricted to official opening hours while any library staff is on duty.
d.    Bags, handbags and brief-cases must be left in the pigeon holes at the entry/exit area of the library.

a.    The Library Card and Students’ ID must be produced in order to borrow an item. Borrowing using other person’s card is not allowed.
b.    Books are borrowed for a period of one week. The return date will be stamped on the book on borrowing.
c.    Late returns are not encouraged and will attract a fine of Kshs. 20/- per hour or part of an hour for short loans and Kshs 30/- per day for normal loan books.
d.    All borrowers must settle any overdue loans before they are permitted to borrow again.

a.    On leaving the Library, users shall be required to produce for inspection books/items taken out of the library
b.    On leaving the Library, users shall be frisked by the security personnel
c.    The Library will not accept responsibility for the loss or misplacement of personal belongings.

a.    Silence must be strictly observed in the Library.
b.    Cell phones must be switched off or mute before entering the library.
c.    All individuals seated or standing in the area from which the noise originates will be asked to leave
d.    Bottles of ink, razor blades, water any other liquids are not allowed in the library.

Short loan is a reserved collection of reference books and materials, course files (photocopied) notes set aside by the lecturers, and past papers.
a)    They are located at the circulation desk and cannot be taken out for whatever reason.
b)    Only one (1) item may be taken at a time for a maximum of 2 hours.

a.    Only one user per computer is allowed for a maximum of two hours in a day that shall be spread out within the day.
b.    Reservation of computers is not allowed.
c.    Computers shall not be used for Saving personal work, Playing games or music.
d.    Those who may wish to listen to audio on their laptops or the computers in the ERC MUST always have headphones
e.    Do not install or uninstall any program or service in any computer. This is only a preserve of the ICT staff.
f.    If any device of the computer is not working, do not fix it kindly report at the reference desk. Moving of mouse and/or keyboards is not allowed.

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