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For class notes, past papers, course outlines and other materials you will be guided by Library team how to create accounts to access.


8 thoughts on “Downloads

    • You may have missed a step in the activation instruction. Please liaise with Assistant Librarian’s office for further assitsance

  1. Hello-congratulations for maintaining an effectively communicative platform for this key institution.
    Have read in sections of media of requirement for pre-bar exams for all 2016 applicants irrespective of the status of university attended for LLB, local accredited or foreighn. Kindly inform me if this is the position and which units shall be examined thereto. I have unsuccesfully searched for the required statutory amendments tht effect the said change. Could you please email me the prebar-past papers Thanks ^^

    • Dear Roy,
      Thank you for appreciating our efforts. From our end, we may not give authoritative comment on your clarification quest. Similarly, the requested past papers may or may not be helpful
      considering this a mile stone from yester years norm. Please find time in person and engage Academic Services Department for more authoritative insight into the matter.
      Wish you well

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