6 useful Google Chrome extensions for students

   Source:  http://www.capitalfm.co.ke/campus/6-useful-google-chrome-extensions-for-students/

                                                                          March 11, 2013 by 

Internet has become an integral part of studies, rendering old formats of researching for information useless. But these apps make it easier to learn.


Graphing Calculator

This useful app can instantly plot any equation, from lines and parabolas up through derivatives. The app actually makes math fun.

graph chrome


This app lets you make presentations on your browser and instantly share them across networks. Built on HTML5 it works seamlessly on mobile devices. You can try it out as an alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint.

Anatronica – 3D Interactive anatomy

This is a 3D educational guide to the human anatomy featuring an advanced interactive 3D touch interface. It lets you easily navigate and explore an accurate 3D model of the human body and search over 2500 human body parts. Probably interesting for Med and Bsc. students.


Essay bank

This app is a custom Google search that allows you to search a number of fantastic websites with over 6,000+ free example essays on them.

HeapNote Student

HeapNote Student lets you easily organize your everyday work. You can manage your schedule, keep track of your grades, organize research and homework.


HTML5 Referencing

This handy extension lists all tags supported in HTML5 specification.

3D Solar System

This is a 3D solar system simulation application, which gives you the approximate location of the planets in the solar system at different time, and some information about each one of them. This application uses HTML5 and WebGL.


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